How to engage attendees and generate revenue with mobile

De-mystify mobile event strategy and learn how to engage attendees and generate event revenue with mobile. This is the only guide you need to run your event on mobile.

Event attendees have come to expect mobile apps and websites as part of the complete event experience. Convenient and cost-effective, your mobile event strategy can have a meaningful impact on both attendee satisfaction and your bottom line.

Regardless of your level of understanding of mobile technology, this step-by-step guide is the only one you'll need to help you define your mobile event strategy from scratch. 

Download it today and learn:

  10 best practices for going mobile

  How mobile fits in the events lifecycle

  Costs, analytics, gamification, social and more!

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"This is helping us generate more cost improvements and gain a consolidated view across all organizational meetings that will help us for future planning."

— Nancy Teresa, Procurement Manager, Travel & Event Planning, Nestlé